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Keeping The Theme: From Ring, To Wedding And Everything In Between

You’ve already said “I Do” to the love of your life and your beautiful ring has been slipped on your finger. Now you will enter the post-engagement phase of your life and everything is about to change. We refer to this phase as the “I Do” like this phase or “I Don’t” like that phase. Never will you have to make more decisions than the year you get engaged.

The minute the engagement is official, you are bombarded with a thousand details. Choices concerning flowers, linens, music, and place settings are only a few of the categories that will require your attention. Dates will need to be picked for all of your party planning appointments, any pre-wedding celebrations, and of course, the actual wedding day festivities. You are floating on a cloud of post-engagement bliss but tethered by the overwhelming amount of planning that is required to create the day of your dreams. It feels like you have one second to make all of these huge decisions and you really just want to relax and enjoy this happy time in your life.

Take a deep breath and remember what this special day is all about; you, your fiance, the people you love and all the things you want to share with them.

When you think in these terms, the stress will hopefully begin to melt away and help lead you through the details of this nuptial metamorphosis. The wedding day of your dreams is getting closer and your mind hopefully is getting clearer. Now it’s time to plan a wedding!!!!

What dictates the style path you will choose for your big day and is your ring style choice reflected in these other choices? Often times our tastes are very particular and we tend to stay true to one style. This can be seen in all types of areas; from personal clothing taste, furniture, and home decor, to engagement rings, wedding dresses, and even your wedding venue.

When it comes to different styles of engagement rings, the possibilities are endless.

Various genres influence the bridal design and there is truly something for everyone. We have compiled a list of some of the most sought-after engagement ring styles in the jewelry industry today. We think you will be surprised to find out that in the end, your engagement style did steer your wedding design direction. There is continuity in taste. What do you think?

  • Vintage or Vintage Inspired Reproduction

  • Classic Solitaire Design

  • Nature Inspired

  • Modern

  • Art Deco/Retro

  • Edwardian

  • Victorian

Did you ever think the style of your engagement would or could ultimately decide the design theme or aesthetic of your entire wedding? This actually happens more often than you think and here are some great examples of “I Do” like this ring leading to “I Do” like this dress and “I Do” like this wedding style.

Here are some examples of the different wedding styles…

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