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Charm Bracelets - Still Charming After All These Years

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

What story is on your wrist?

When you look at a charm bracelet, you may or may not be able to tell if it is old or new. The reason for this is charm bracelets have been popular practically since the beginning of time and are still a current item in the jewelry industry. Some historical research places the origins of charm jewelry as far back as 300BC to 400BC. Tribal groups in Africa are known to have decorated themselves with charm-style jewelry made from shells, stones, and other natural artifacts. Charm bracelets have also been worn by many members of royalty and gifted to other nations throughout early European monarchy. Tiffany and Company are known to be the first jewelry store in the United States to sell charm bracelets. In the late 1800s, Tiffany’s introduced their sterling silver heart charm bracelet that is still worn today in 2017.

Whether you take the time to create your own charm bracelet, receive it as a gift or if you’re admiring someone else’s, one thing holds true. All charm bracelets mark the footprints of our lives. Each small detailed charm is a page in the book of our adventures. Every single individual charm dangling from your wrist is representative of significant memory. Meaningful events from birthdays, anniversaries, destinations you’ve traveled to, favorite foods, or sports, there is a charm to commemorate everything and anything.

Charm bracelets have proven to be truly symbolic and continue to be one of the best jewelry gifts of all time.

Whether you buy your own bracelet, it’s passed down to you or gifted from family or friends, no other jewelry is capable of telling quite the same story.

There are many styles of bracelets from gold to silver, with or without diamonds, small charms, or big charms; the possibilities are endless. The reality is your bracelet is completely unique. No one else has your life story and therefore no one else will ever have your exact, same bracelet; making you and your bracelet truly one of a kind.

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